Friday, 8 February 2013

The Crossroads of Life

Sometimes we undermine and undervalue the power of CHOICE. We are the common denominator in every situation, test, trial or circumstance we find ourselves in. Some situations we are in because we made bad CHOICES. Some we could of avoided but we CHOSE not to. No! Everything is not our fault. It was not your fault you may have been lied to, cheated on, abused, abandoned or worse. However, how long we choose to dwell, reside and wallow on those experiences is OUR CHOICE. We can be dead men and women walking, carrying our burdens and cares or we can STAND UP. DECIDE. CHOOSE. Make a CONSCIOUS DECISION that your our lives are gifts and what we do with OUR LIVES MATTERS Stand up and LIVE! For Your son, Your daughter, Your family, Your church, Your loved Ones, Your colleagues on your job. There are people, waiting for YOU to CHOOSE to be all YOU were created to be so they can become who they were created to be. Waiting for you to see past yourself, past your circumstances, past your pain. We have all been given the CHOICE to CHOOSE LIFE or DEATH. What are you doing with your CHOICE?

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