Sunday, 12 January 2014

2013 Great Grace in Review

When I thought about 2013 I quickly recalled all the things that silently broke me. But the Spirit of God has a way of just bringing you back to HIS reality.

The word for me in 2013 was 'Great Grace' and below are a few things the Great Grace of God caused me to achieve

1. Offered and quickly accepted a job I was not officially qualified to do

2. Won an appeal that seemed impossible!

3. Re- ignited my passion for cooking

4. Reconnected with old friends

5. Saw one of besties go from Miss to Mrs

6. Co-Organised my 1st ever Hen. Her appreciation still brings me to tears

6. Fought for love and won the fight!

7. Shared the joy of my teen achieving his 1st A* Proud Mama!

8. Gave more of myself to those I love and my church  than 2012

9. Walked in forgiveness even when the hurt at times was too much to bare

10. Shared a message the Lord impressed on my heart to a bunch of amazing women

11. Cemented the foundation of God in my family

There were many more, none greater than the other but these all required me to dig deep into my reservoir. I could not have done it without God pouring out His Grace upon me. I needed His assistance every step of the way. None of this was possible in my own strength. I was weak and frail. Unqualified and seemingly defeated. In need of spiritual resuscitation only personal encounters with Him could give. When I look back I'm thankful.

He never gave up on me. He walked with me and never let me go. At times I wanted to run away and hide. Somethings I had to face everyday for months but He wouldn't allow me to go MIA. He pulled me out from the depths of my despair. He was patient and held my had every step of the way. He corrected me, challenged me. Kept me unscathed and unharmed. He strengthened me, showed his faithfulness. He never left me.

Wow! 2013 what a year....His Great Grace was and is truly upon me and we made it through!

Lets do this 2014! You ready?

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