Friday, 3 January 2014

The Mode Of Reflection

7 Months since I have written, sharing my thoughts and sources of inspiration. I hope Modes of Reflection will enlighten you with insight and continue the journey of Life and Life More Abundantly.

Preparation for continuing my education has begun, I pause and rewind reflecting on last years challenges. The months of self defeating thoughts, comparison extremities and an overwhelming sense of failure. I hated it, ran from it and fought it every step of way. The process, the procedure, the undertaking, the action. The painful moments my character and behavioral tendencies were being transfigured. 

Ready to abort, the stillness of His voice spoke "Do not give up, my Grace is more than sufficient" Yes, I thought. His Grace. The virtue, the unmerited favor that opened the door for my name to be present on that register, expected in that room. In those moments, amoungst the most gifted and complex brains I had ever encountered. A lecturer so well versed rays of intimidation shone as she paced the room.

Yet His Grace. I had and have. A mind wonderfully and purposefully made. A purpose beautifully weaved and lovingly thought out. New surroundings and unfamiliar faces that challenge me, because I am suppose to grow. I am to evolve, soak up, drink, consume and allow the transfiguration process to be my peace.

His Will not mine. My Will now aligned. To His perfect plan. I feel the shift. The change. There is no more fear. His love is perfect. The purpose comes through the process. All I am about to do is strengthened through Him.

Yes. I am ready to begin.

Love Serena 

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